Celebrate Christmas and New Year's Day
Dongtai people rest in the picturesque scenery of Guizhou
Buildings with ethnic characteristics are scattered
Gujie Ancient Lane winding path
Dongtai people breathe the quiet and fragrant air
Experience local customs and customs
Feel the beautiful and beautiful Miao Village in Xijiang
Taste local specialties
Beautiful and quiet Xiaoqikong Scenic Area
Water plants, rivers and streams
Let Dongtai people feel relaxed
Majestic Huangguoshu Waterfall
Dramatically rushing down the water
Facing the momentum of the roaring roar
Dongtai people have no fear
Left a happy and funny figure
Just 6 days travel

I feel the rich ethnic customs and the strange natural scenery. However, the laughter along the way is the most memorable. Every trip is for the next better start, let's work together to create more glory!

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