Our company participated in the 22nd Health Ingredients & Food Ingredients Asia-China exhibition (Hi & Fi Asia) held in Shanghai. The exhibition time was from November 25 to 27, 2020,booth number 71B99.
The company's exhibitors arrived in Shanghai one day in advance to arrange the exhibition site.
During the exhibition, we warmly received the old customers, asked them about their feelings and Suggestions on the products they had used, asked them about the products and quantity they needed in the future, and understood the share and planning of the follow-up cooperation with us.At the same time, we also actively received some new customers, introduced the company's products and quality to them in detail, distributed product brochures, exchanged contact information, and looked forward to the follow-up cooperation.
By participating in this exhibition, we not only played the role of promoting the company, let us know more about the industry market, but also better understand the needs of customers, so as to better serve customers.

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