The past year of 2021 has been a fruitful year for China.  Enterprise boat all the way through the waves, haohao and line!  This year, under the cordial care of the company's leaders and the strong support of people from all walks of life, we have made extraordinary achievements.  Today, all the staff of Dongtai gather together to welcome the arrival of 2022 and participate in the 2022 Spring Festival party held by the company.  
First of all, Mr. Zhou Zhenxi, chairman of the board of directors, would like to give you a New Year's greeting. Thank you for your efforts and cooperation in the New Year. I hope you can make further progress in the New Year!
Review and summarize the achievements made in 2021, and solemnly commend the 8 outstanding employees of this year.  Mr. Zhou presented them with certificates of honor and awards, thanking them for their hard work.  
At the party, everyone was eager to sign up, versatile, and performed a lot of wonderful programs.  There are Chinese solo "Happy Chinese Year", "Breaking the Dock", English solo "LUCKY", love song duet "Both Husband and Wife Return Home", chorus "Camel Bell", "Friend" and so on.  
The most lively party is not a small game, treading thunder game by Zhou wrote treading thunder keywords on the paper, said the key words to accept punishment.  There are three rounds: digital bomb, what's in the zoo, fruit.  There are tacit understanding test "you draw I guess", many people participate in the "catch the duck" game, reflects the ability of reaction "is not obedient", the game is full of laughter, lively, bursting with laughter.
This year is the Year of the Tiger, the company specially for four tiger colleagues awarded the Year of the Tiger dolls.
Of course, there is the most anticipated part of the lottery, this year's prize: first prize: Midea rice cooker;  Second prize: Midea Air Fryer;  Third prize: Midea multi-purpose pot;  Sunshine Award: Wangwang Gift Pack;  There are gifts on each wall, and the winning rate is 100%.  

To the Year of the Tiger, I wish you all in the year of the Tiger: business, life, the year of the Tiger!  
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