Calcium phosphates is one of the principle mineral found abundantly in nature in various forms. Calcium phosphates is formed form a mixture of calcium and phosphorous. Calcium phosphates is an important constituent of biological hard tissue found in significant quantity in bone, tendons and teeth in form of carbonated hydroxyapatite. It provides hardness, stiffness to these organs. The crystalline form of calcium phosphates are significantly used in biomedical application that helps in restructuring of bone minerals. The other forms of calcium phosphates finds widespread application across various sectors. Calcium phosphates act as leavening agent and is abundantly used in baked products, condiments and salts. Calcium phosphates also helps to enhance the calcium content and is widely used in calcium supplements. Apart from food industry, it also forms important component in manufacturing of wide range of phosphate fertilizers. The acid salt of calcium formed by treating mineral salts along with sulphuric acid is widely used as stabilise in plastics and also as plant food.

Demand for biomaterial for restructuring purposes among medical personnel is fuelling the demand for calcium phosphates market. Calcium phosphate is widely used in dental and orthopaedic applications as it used as synthetic graft substitutes during the implant surgery. It also helps in regeneration of the tissues as it exhibits excellent biocompatibility and helps to replenish calcium content especially in older population and helps to prevent osteoporosis, thereby, it is widely used in health supplements. Hence, increasing geriatric population along with affordable treatment of implant surgeries using calcium phosphates as they are stable and readily available is spurring the growth of calcium phosphate market. Calcium phosphate also finds extensive use in food industry as food additives. It acts thickening and stabilizing agent hence, is abundantly used in water and oil based ingredients. Other characteristic properties of calcium phosphate such as acidity regulator, helps to retain moisture and in treatment of flour, it finds significant use in the production of bakery products and processed food as it helps to maintain the texture of canned vegetables. Hence, increasing demand for processed food, is expected to propel the growth of calcium phosphate market.

However, calcium phosphate exhibit poor mechanical properties as compared to other biomaterial available for dental and orthopaedics applications. Hence, extensive research is required to enhance the biomedical property of calcium phosphate. Thereby, affecting the growth prospects of calcium phosphate market as other biomaterials are readily available in the market. Moreover, extensive intake of calcium phosphate can adversely affect the people sufferings from chronic kidney diseases. Hence, population suffering from kidney diseases may refrain from use of products containing calcium phosphate.

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