The Novel Coronavirus outbreaks around the world.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Chinese government has taken strict prevention and control measures and effectively contained the spread of the epidemic.People have begun their normal lives.We still can't let down our guard, so here are the steps we're taking to combat COVID-19.
1.Masks must be worn daily.
Wear a mask and wash your hands frequently.Reduce hand contact with eyes, nose and mouth.Cover your nose and mouth completely with the inside of your elbow or tissue when sneezing.Do not spit, wrap nasal and mouth secretions with tissue paper and dispose of them in the garbage box.Wash hands with soap and running water after coughing or sneezing, after using the toilet before eating, after touching or disposing of waste, and rub repeatedly for 20 seconds.
2.All employees entering the factory shall take temperature measurements. 
During the epidemic prevention and control period, all employees entering the factory should have their body temperature taken.Cancel the intelligent release function at the entrance of the vehicle, and ask incoming employees to get off the vehicle to cooperate with the inspection.For persons whose body temperature is greater than or equal to 37.3℃, they are forbidden to enter the factory, and they should be registered. Temporary isolation shall be reported step by step.          
3.Visitors and outsiders are not allowed to enter the factory.
During the epidemic prevention and control period, our company will in principle refuse visitors and outsiders to enter the factory.Personnel and vehicles visiting on business shall be notified by the visited department to the security Department, and the duty security guard shall register them and pass the temperature test before they can enter the factory.
4.Staff access management on non-working days.
During the epidemic prevention and control period, our company in principle refuses the staff to enter the factory without working days. If they need to enter the factory due to work, they should report to the Administrative and Human Resources Department one day in advance. The administrative department shall inform the security Department that they can enter the factory only after passing the temperature test and there is no abnormality.
5.Ventilation and disinfection of office areas.
The office/workshop and warehouse should be ventilated every 2 hours and disinfected in the morning and evening.
Disinfect floors, door and window handles, tools and cargo surfaces with 75% alcohol or 84 disinfectant.
6.Dining the prevention and control.
Adopt the staggered peak meal system to minimize the number of people gathered.Keep diners at a distance, talk less, and leave when you're done eating.Tableware must be sterilized at high temperature or by boiling after each meal.
I believe that the difficulty is only temporary. Through our joint efforts, we will win thewar against the virus and usher in a warm spring day as soon as possible.
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