Food Grade Potassium Citrate Powder

White or slightly crystal granular or powder; odorless, cool and salty; easily deliquescent; easily soluble in water or glycerine but almost insoluble in Ethanol; Relative density is 1.98. It will melt and decompose when heated to 230℃.

In 25kg composite plastic woven/paper bag with PE liner.

Storage and transport:To be stored in a dry, ventilate and clean warehouse; Valid for two years.

In food industry, it is used as buffer, chelating agent, stabilizer, antioxidant, emulsifier and flavor. Applied in dairy product、jellies、 jam、 meat、 tinned and pastry. Also used as emulsifier in cheese and fresh-keeping in citrus. In pharmaceutical industry, it is used for curing hypokalimia, potassium deficiency deficiency and alkalization of urine.

Commonly, we add this product according to the proportion of 0.2-0.5%.

It can be adjustable according to the actual situation.

Detailed Description

Food Grade Potassium Citrate Powder
Molecular formula:K3C6H5O7·H2O
Molecular Weight:324.41
Quality standards:

Name of indexGB1886.74-2015BP2009FCC-VUSP32E 332 (ii)
AppearanceWhite or light yellow crystal or powderWhite or light yellow crystal or powderWhite or light yellow crystal or powderWhite or light yellow crystal or powderWhite, hygroscopic, granular powder or transparent crystals
Content(K3C6H5O7) ,≥%99.0-100.599.0-101.0
99.0-100.599.0-100.599.0(on the anhydrous basis)
Test for citrate ----Passes test
Test for potassium----Passes test
PH(5 % aqueous solution)----7.5-9.0
Light transmittance ≥%
Water insolublePass test----
Heavy metal(AsPb),≤%-0.001-0.001-
AS ,≤%0.00010.0001-0.00010.0001
Loss on drying ,%3.0-6.0-3.0-6.03.0-6.0≤6.0(180 °C, 4 hours)
Mercury ,≤%-- -0.0001
Moisture ,%-4.0-7.0---
Cl ,≤%0.0050.005---
Sulphate Salt ,≤%0.0150.015---
Qxalates ,≤%0.030.03--0.01(as oxalic acid, after drying)
Sodium ,≤%-0.3---
AlkalinityPass testPass testPass testPass test-
Readily Carbonisable Substances1.0Pass test---
Transparenly and color of sample-Pass test---
Pyrogens-Pass test---

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